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KarungKuruvai 1 kg

Karunkuruvai rice is praised in Siddha medicine for its medicinal benefits.Scientifically Tested:Modern research also proves this aspect by showing that it is rich in phytochemicals. Phytophenols protects the body from internal and external chemicals that otherwise causes various diseases. Description Karunkuruvai rice boosts the immune system and strengthens the nervous system.The Karunkuruvai variety is dark in colour and used in the treatment of skin diseases and poisonous stings and bites. No harmful chemical or pesticide in the rice.

Seeraga Samba Rice

Seerag Samba rice is one of the best native heirloom rices in tamil nadu. It boosts the immune system and  strengthens the nervous system.It was cultivated and harvested in a traditional way using natural manure, panchagavya etc....and No chemicals or pesticide were used.Special Note: If you are switching from white rice to these traditional rice, soak overnight and then cook to make it soft. You may or may not like it the way you eat white rice.Therefore make it in form of dosai, puttu and steam-adai's with jaggery and ghee or coconut, Porridge etc.  These forms are delicious and very healthy.  Once you see the medicinalbenefits,  you may slowly replace the white rice with this rice for lunch. Though not advisable pressure cooking make it extra soft.