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Chywanprash-500 gm

Yshopawareness brings a high quality chyawanprash made with Vedic cow ghee and amla along with highest antioxidant rich jaggery and several herbs that increases health and immunity for children above 5’years and adults. Our chyawanprash is good to increasee hemoglobin and removes fatigue and weakness in children and adults. Increases sperm counts egg quality in infertile couples. Increases memory sleep well being and general health and happiness. Good for loss of apeitite and liver diseases. Not suitable for pregnant women. Description Giri Chyawanprash: Chyawanprash is an ancient dietary supplement which increases immunity against various diseases. It helps against cough and colds, , It increases digestion, hemoglobin, and strength and muscle mass. It increases sperm counts and egg quality, rejuvenates all tissues of the body including heart, digestive, excretory, urinary, respiratory, and reproductive systems and therefore helps against premature ageing and maintains youthfulness It removes fatigue and weakness in children and adults, Increases memory, sleep, well being and general health and happinessChyawanprash is made of Indian gooseberry (amla), jaggery (unrefined sugar), ghee, sesame oil, honey, and various herbs and spices (from 25 to 80). It is prepared as instructed in Ayurvedic texts.Consumption:Chyawanaprash is usually consumed about 1 tsp twice a day directly or along with warm milk or water.Y shopawarenes Chyawanprash?Anupan is very important in ayurvedic medicines. An anupan is a carrier or vehicle valued for their ability for taking herbal components deeper and quickly into specific tissues. Ghee is a powerful vehicle and therefore Yshopawareness chyawanprash is made with high quality Vedic cow ghee. This makes the absorption and delivery of the herbs to cells very effective. The jaggery, oil, amla, and all the other herbs we use have the highest antioxidant level which makes this chyawanprash for special for you and your family’s health. We use ingredients as much possible free from toxic pesticides and chemicals. No chemical preservatives are added for storage. Therefore it is completely safe for children We prepare this in traditional bronze-tin vessels (Odu) and store in earthern jars. Then the product is packed in glass bottles to avoid contamination by toxic components leaching from plastics in this vital health promoting chyawanprash. The vaidyas prepare this medicine with positive feeling at each step which also contributes to yourhealth.