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Raw Peanuts (Organic and native heirloom)

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Raw Peanuts (An Organic and native heirloom which is scientifically tested for its quality):One of the Uni5 Sakthi Foundation Members Mr.Ranjith and Lakshmi have been inspired by Uni5 Agriculture. Both are software Engineers in Banglore. They did their first Uni5 Agriculture production with Black Sesame seeds and groundnuts and been kind enough to give to Y-Shopawareness to sell the product for the benefit of the members as "Sakthi Bhoomi" products. This is a very special quality native and heirloom groundnut type. We did send it for testing and found that it has more PMV (Phyto Medicinal Value) than some of the organic groundnuts available in the market. The advantage of using this high PMV.Anyone can use this as a nutritive protein and vitamin and phytochemical source.  It is a general tonic for children if you make groundnut balls/(kadalaimittai) with jaggery (see recipe in Sakthi Kitchen) for after-school snack.If they eat with our shopawareness tested Sugar jaggery (YSA Nattusakkarai or anyother quality jaggery), It will be a very good healthy snacks