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Healthy Antiox Bytes

  • Shopawareness Certified Gold - All Natural Whole grain Cookies.
  • Ingredients: Antioxidant rich rice, Jaggery, Vedic Cow Ghee, Nuts and Vegetable oil
  • Scientifically tested & Proven Antioxidants
  • No Baking Soda: From the Baking and Science Professionals ,first time Baked without baking soda and white flour
  • No Artificial Flavors and No Colors
  • No Additives, Preservatives or Flavours
  • Gluten and GMO-Free
  • Net Wt. 100g (1.8OZ)
  • Manufactured by Master Bros , Bangalore.

Our Shopawareness cookies are the prepared with grains that have the highest antioxidants so that all your vital organs get all the nourishment and make you free from diseases. Current scientific studies prove that diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and many other diseases increased due to the intake of refined carbohydrates and sugars after the industrial revolution in 19th century.

However, consumption of whole grains (unrefined carbohydrates) rich in polyphenols is known to decrease all the above diseases.

Our bakery items  contain only unrefined grains and sugar and so will protect your baby's health and also all age children and adults and especially pregnant women.