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Black Sesame (Karuppu Ellu) 500 gm

Sesamin is the most prominent lignan compound found in sesame seeds, one of the two highest sources of lignans in the human diet (the other being flax). Sesamin is catered to be a nutritional supplement that confers antioxidant and antiinflammatory effects (if touting its health properties) or possibly being an estrogen receptor modulator and fat burner (if targeting atheltes or persons wishing to lose weight).Sesamin has a few mechanisms, and when looking at it holistically it can be summed up as a fatty acid metabolism modifier. It appears to inhibit an enzyme known as delta-5-desaturase (Δ5-desaturase) which is a rate-limiting enzyme in fatty acid metabolism; inhibiting this enzyme results in lower levels of both eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA, one of the two fish oil fatty acids) as well as arachidonic acid, and this mechanism appears to be relevant following oral ingestion. The other main mechanism is inhibiting a process known as Tocopherol-ω-hydroxylation, which is the rate limiting step in the metabolism of Vitamin E; by inhibiting this enzyme, sesamin causes a relative increase of vitamin E in the body but particularly those of the gamma subset (γ-tocopherol and γ-tocotrienol) and this mechanism has also been confirmed to be active following oral ingestion.There are some other mechanisms in place which seem promising (protection against Parkinson's Disease as well) This product is extremely good for pregnancy problem men and women. If they eat with our shopawareness Sugar jaggery (YSA Nattusakkarai or anyother quality jaggery), It will give very good success. An Ayurvedic Sesame seed with high medicinal values (Netwt 500gms or 1Kg) :It's special Ayurvedic Sesame seed that is used traditionally used for medicinal purpose.1. Anyone can use this as a nutritive protein and vitamin and phytochemical source.2. Women with infertility issues and also having a miscarriage will be highly be benefitted.3. Women and children who have irregular menstruation will also be benefitted.4. It is a general tonic for children if you make sesame laddoo with jaggery (see recipe in Sakthi Kitchen) for after-school snack.5. For rituals like Pitru pooja and Neelanjanam for Saturn, this black sesame seeds will give the highest Energy. Recent scientific studies on the antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic activities of sesame seed have greatly increased its applications in health food products that assert for liver and heart protection and cancer prevention.